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Shore Shade Window Tinting


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We commend you for becoming an informed customer. By taking the time to stop by our website, you are increasing your chances of :
1.) getting a good value for your money and 
2.) being satisfied with your decision. 

We don't shy away from providing information because we feel an informed person is more likely to choose Shore Shade over the other tinting companies. 

In residential tinting, most companies use basically the same methods, so why can the results differ so greatly?

Shore Shade has been in business since 2000 and we have developed our techniques for the cleanest applications possible. Film is a very fragile material, easily creased and wrinkled. Simple things such as knowing how to handle the film can only come with experience. 

Experience can only come with time. Experience also determines how well the film is cut to fit to the window. There will be a certain amount of space(gap) between the edge of the film and the window seal. A crooked or large gap is very unappealing. We understand this and have developed our techniques over the years on every type of window seal, to give the most appealing finish possible. 


Good cleaning techniques and quick smooth application of the film to the window greatly reduce contamination (hair,lint,dust). Contamination is impossible to completely eliminate, it is more a question of how much you will get. This is where the skill of the installer is important. An inexperienced installer who struggles with the film is more likely to get contamination and creases. Even on the toughest seals, such as flaking wood frames, our installations are turning out cleaner than what the average company gets with new clean seals. 


We have made a commitment to using only the best Carbon films from reputable manufacturers such as SUNTEK WINDOW FILMS. Sure we could save alot of money by using cheaper films. We get ads in the mail all the time from companies offering films much lower than what we are currently paying. How tempting this might be to these "fly by night" companies. But we are in this for the long haul, this means doing it right the first time. 


Remember a good tint is both quality film and quality workmanship, we use SUNTEK window film but it's not a question of what you put on only, but how it's put on. Getting a top quality film is a waste, if its not put on by an expert in the field. By all means, make sure you are getting a good quality carbon film, which comes with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer not the tint shop. But then, the most important is getting a top quality installation. At Shore Shade our methods of application are at the top of the industry.

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