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Our marketing philosophy is simple Take care of the customer and they will take care of you. So our bottom line isn't about the money, it's about accumulating satisfied customers who keep coming back and refer us to their friends.

Avoid "Fly by night" Companies

When you get a quote for window tinting it's easy to compare price. We all know however, the lowest price isn't the best deal.

We all know the saying "you get what you pay for." For the most part this is true. On the other hand paying the highest price isn't always the best deal either. In fact it doesn't even guarantee a good job for that matter. Equally important is comparing the product (film). Is the film a sputter-coated metalized film? Is it scratch resistant? What is the warranty? Who is the manufacturer of the film? Keep in mind to make sure the warranty is backed up by a reputable manufacturer, not just a shop. We have seen a lot of "fly by night" companies come and go.

Beware of "Off Brands"

You want a film that is made by an established company with a good reputation, avoid the "off brand" films. Although most companies now use films with a scratch resistant coating, some don't (to save money), so you should ask to be safe. We would never install an inferior product on a customers windows, that would be just asking for trouble down the road. Once you've compared film and price, the next thing to look at is the company that is going to install the film.

Experience makes a Difference

There are two parts to an installation job, the first is the quality of the installation, the second is the integrity of the company. The quality of the job is very important, after all, what good is a quality film if the installation is poor? Even if a company has been around for 10 years or more, what counts is the experience and knowledge of the installer doing the work. Our installers have a minimum of 18 years of experience and all of them have been factory trained by LLUMAR intensive training program. This is very important because film is a fragile material, that is easy to crease and damage just by handling it.

Ask for References

A "clean" installation is critical to the finished product. It is hard to compare companies because basically you don't know until after the work is done but, then it's too late. There are ways to find out before hand. Probably the best way is going on a referral. Ask a neighbor or friend who they used to do their windows. Or you can ask the company for references, ask how long they've been in business.

Service After The Job

Now let's say you do have problem (it happens), you need somebody to come back out. This is where the integrity of the company comes in. How a company handles problems and concerns. Usually our greatest fans are the ones that had a complaint, now that's good marketing!! You should expect the same prompt service after the job as you got before the job. And don't underestimate your instinct that you can get a good indication of a person's integrity just by talking to them during the estimate. Ask yourself are they being up front and honest with you ? Or do you feel that they are hiding something? Are they telling you what you should know or are they just trying to make a sell?

Our promise to you

- We promise to install LLUMAR/SUNTEK film as stated on estimate.
- We promise to install it at the price (no hidden or up charges) that we've agreed upon before the job.
- We promise to take care in protecting your carpet, window coverings, and furniture.
- We promise a clean finished product (good workmanship).
- We promise to respond to any complaint or concern in a timely manner.
- We want window tinting to be a pleasurable and worry free experience.

The reason we take so much time explaining our company and what we do for you, is because we want you to feel truly confident in your decision in choosing SHORE SHADE. We look forward to serving you. :o)
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